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Body of The Sanctioned

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To Challenge the Sun
Body of The Sanctioned


The episode begins with the brothers facing off against Cornello. Rather than fight, they grab Rose and run and find themselves surrounded by townspeople with a thirst for blood. People are so cruel when you shatter their illusions. Ed eventually finds himself in prison, but Al is wandering around doing weird things like stealing the bell. Of course, the weird things have a purpose, and the brothers’ plan is completed when Al broadcasts Cornello babbling about what idiots the townspeople are across town and Ed frees himself from prison. The final showdown between High Priest Cornello and the Elric Brothers reveals the priest's ring is a fake. The Brothers leave town knowing they had liberated the people, but back in town "Cornello" comes back saying he's been traveling. (As the real Cornello had been eaten)


Cornello: Alchemist forbid there own from transforming lead into gold, but there’s one type that that’s more taboo, a technique forbidden by man and nature itself, alchemy on human souls.

Al: But we just wanted to see mom’s face again, see her smile

Cornello: But you failed, didn’t you

Ed: Yea, I’d label that a failure


Ed: Like I always say: can’t find a door, make your own!


Ed: (To Rose) Good, you came you feed me.  And I thought you were mad!


Al: It’s alchemy’s basic principle: To obtain you have to give up something of equal value.  People say that Ed’s a prodigy, but that’s just because he’s paid with enough effort

Rose: But how did you survive those statues?

Al: Easy enough, Ed thought of it

Rose: You two really paid a hefty price, haven’t you?  An arm and a leg and a whole body, and here you are trying to get it all back.  What about your mom? What happened to her?

Al: I should get started


Cornello: Why would I risk my life for some mindless pawns?!?


Ed: By the way, I don’t get my skills from some pocket watch


Cornello: I don’t believe it! Not even the philosopher’s stone could move that!

Al: Rings and watches have nothing to do with it, My brother’s the Full Metal Alchemist


Ed: An imitation?! After all this, all you’ve put me through, even the stone’s a fake?!


Ed: Just another wild goose chase, and here I thought I could put you back in the flesh again.

Al: No brother, you’ll be the first one we’ll fix.  That automail’s so tough on you.

Ed: Nothing to do then start the search again

(Rose enters, both turn)

Rose: You shouldn’t have come here.  Father Cornello gave us hope, what right did you have to take that away?  With him we believed we could do anything, even bring back the dead.  We’re a desert village, we had nothing before that!

Ed: You’re saying that we should have let everything do on as it was?

Rose: Why not?  What do I have to live for now that I know Cain won’t come back?

Ed: You’ll have to decide for yourself, walk no you own.  You have a strong pair of legs Rose, you should get up and us them

(Ed walks away)

Al: Bother was trying to help you, he just doesn’t always handle things well

Rose: Just go

Al: You can still believe, and hope Rose, I still do


Al: Before we go Rose, listen to me.  My brother and I have seen all sorts of things in our years of searching, and I need to tell you about them, so you don’t repeat our mistakes.  We were born and raised in a small village east of Central, named Resembool, that’s where it all began.


Al: Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one and only truth.